When Will We Finally Get To See Person of Interest Season 5?

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Person of Interest is one of the best science fiction TV shows of the past decade—or of all time, really. So we’ve been waiting anxiously to see the fifth season, especially since we heard so much about it at New York Comic-Con. But we’re going to have to keep waiting.


CBS announced its spring 2016 schedule last week, and Person of Interest wasn’t on it. Season five is probably more or less in the can at this point, so this can only mean a couple of things: Either CBS is planning to start airing Person of Interest in March or April, once some of its other shows have run their course—or it’s being saved for the summer, now that CBS has canceled summer shows Under the Dome and Extant.

A lot of people are assuming the latter, that Person of Interest is being turned into a summer series. (And maybe there’s a chance for it to get renewed, if it does better in the summer months than Dome and Extant were.) But there’s no official explanation. We reached out to a rep from CBS, who says there’s no official word about the future of the series, and anything you hear at this point is just speculation. Either way, fingers crossed!

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I’m just waiting for season 4 to finally show up on Netflix. It was promised months ago.