Everybody has a love interest, or even a love triangle, on Falling Skies — except for the alien visitor, Cochise, played by Doug Jones. So when will Cochise have his own love story? Doug Jones really hopes it happens soon, and he has some ideas for how that could play out.

We were wondering if we could eventually see Cochise interacting with other members of his own species, the Volm, and Jones said he wonders that too:

I've always wondered what would Mrs. Cochise look like? And I think Cochise is learning from the human race that they are friendly, and they do get each other's backs. So they have a sense of honor, and a human spirit, that he's never encountered before. So he's learning... and I would love to see Cochise one day have a love interest.


We suggested that maybe Cochise could bring her a picture of the Ketarius, the flower on his home planet that he has never actually seen, as a love offering.

"But here's a flower I picked for you. I printed it out digitally," he laughs.

And Jones has a unique idea for Cochise's love interest: an interspecies romance. "Wouldn't it be cool if she was human?" That would be "a fun twist," says Jones. "But she'd have to be a special human. Because what human would find Cochise attractive? There's your question. He's charming."

But what if Tom Mason and Anne Glass' baby gets aged to adulthood overnight, via one of the many rapid-aging devices that seem to populate science fiction? Then Cochise could date Tom's daughter Lexi. He's still worried about "robbing the cradle," but notes that "that baby is maturing mentally really fast. So we'll see what happens with that. Maybe she'll be old enough to date really soon."

What would it be like if Tom was Cochise's father in law? We tried to imagine that conversation. "'Hey Tom, I know we've been through a lot together, but your daughter's kind of hot.' Can you imagine that?"

Meanwhile, Jones said we will find out this season whether the Volm are evil, and what their ulterior motive for wanting to help the humans against the Eshveni invaders is. And he said that he really liked doing the "ketarius flower" speech, where we see that Cochise really does have a heart and "I really have my own sense of home, that I'm missing. I'm glad the writers took me there, instead of making me like the evil guy." But we still don't know what Cochise's motives are.


And meanwhile, he hopes he'll be able to reappear in season two of The Neighbors, but he hasn't gotten that call yet. He explained the difference between the two aliens, and why his Neighbors character is more fun than Cochise:

And he said he really wants to make Hellboy 3, just like Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman, but nobody's ponied up the cash yet. We wondered if they could just make a cheaper Abe Sapien movie. Or a BRPD TV series. He would happily do whatever, because Abe Sapien "is my favorite costume character I've ever played — next to Cochise on Falling Skies, of course." He thinks a BPRD TV series could happen, and "there's been talk. I would love for that talk to become reality. But first, let's make Hellboy 3. Let's finish this story out."


Meanwhile, we caught up with Falling Skies star Drew Roy, who plays Hal Mason. And Roy said that Hal would be chastened by having been controlled via alien brainworms and "feeling like he let everyone down. I've always played him as if he's on top of everything. There's no challenge he's ever met that he couldn't take care of. And this time, he was completely out of control." So for the rest of the season, Roy wanted to show "this sense of just trying to take that in" and "learn from it." In season four, we will see a new version of Hal "that's not as bull-headed as he used to be." It was fun to see a strong-willed version of Hal in the second season, but it's fun to watch a character change on a television show.

We asked if Hal was still into his ex-girlfriend Karen, now that she's an alien overlord and he was sleeping with her under alien mind control. And he answered:

Well, Karen being in charge of all the aliens — I mean, that's a little ridiculous. I mean, how did Karen become the top alien? So the way I thought about it was, 'If she is in that position and still has a thing for me, there must still be a little Karen in there.' At a certain point, Hal is going to be faced with a decision of, 'How do you feel about Karen? Would you kill her? Would you keep her alive? How would you feel?' And it seems like it should blatantly be, 'Shoot her.' But when you really think about it, there's that little piece of humanity that's still in there... And with the Volm now, we might be able to get her back. So he's very conflicted. We're going to see that happen in the next couple of episodes.


Meanwhile, we also talked to Connor Jessup, who said that he was really glad that Ben Mason has been the steady, mature one this season. "Last season, my character was all over the place. He was angsty and dark and moody, and he was getting in arguments with everyone. And now, my older brother's going crazy, and my younger brother's a little no-good-doer. So I enjoy my steady spot in the middle this season. In the way, I'm taking after my dad as the conflict-solver."

And he's enjoyed playing a lot off Maxim Knight, who plays Matt Mason: "I've always found Matt's story — child soldier, not-child-soldier, to be or not to be that — really fascinating. So to be involved in that is really interesting."

We asked why Ben chooses not to accept Lourdes' offer to remove his spikes. He said:

It shows an interesting transition from last season, where all he could talk about was... them making him a freak, wanting to get rid of them, hating them. And there's been an evolution since then, where he's moved to the position of still hating them, but being able to take a step back and realize they do give him skills and abilities, which help him serve a very unique and special function within this paramilitary organization. So if you were to remove them it would be selfishly very good, but it would be a serious detriment to the group. So in the end, he was able to make the slightly more mature, if slightly more morbid, decision to keep them.


Jessup also said a romance between Ben and Deni, the other formerly harnessed girl, is "not out of the question," and that she's the only one who can understand what Ben is going through. "I guess you could say she was introduced for a reason," He adds.

And he's eager to see Ben step up and take more of a leadership role — he notes the show has a brand new writing staff this coming season, so everything is up for grabs. But he's just grateful "to have snuck in under the radar."