Years after seeing David Cronenberg's psychotic movie The Brood, I could not get this scene out of my head. Nola has been undergoing experimental "psychoplasmics" therapy with Dr. Raglan (Oliver Reed!), trying to deal with rage over her divorce from doughboy Frank. Using psychoplasmics, she winds up literally giving birth to her rage in the form humanoid creatures who kill people she doesn't like. In this scene, Frank has come to help their real daughter escape from mommy and her scary, fucked up rage babies. I love Samantha Eggar as Nola: She isn't just a horror show chomping on baby goo; she really gives you the sense that she's a messed up lady locked into a surreal custody battle with the bumbling but well-meaning Frank.

While Frank tries to calm Nola down, Raglan is upstairs trying to rescue the couple's daughter from a herd of rage babies. The best part is the way they're all dressed in cute little pastel onesies in this giant room full of bunk beds. It's like sleepaway camp with mind-controlled mutants! Watch them kill! This is one of those classic flicks that probably wouldn't get made these days. Partly that's because 1979 was a golden year for freaky psychotherapy, but also because today this would all be CGI. And CGI just don't bleed like that freaky-ass baby does. [The Brood via IMDB]


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