When the Nerds Beat Up on the Poor Jock

The 1977 movie Laserblast is one for the ages — it possesses a timeless B-movie quality, as if it might have been made anywhere between the 1950s and 2010s. You've got your basic teen-finds-alien-artifact plot (which we've seen before in the mind-blowing Demons in My Head). This time, the artifact is a laser gun that turns our hapless youth into a green-skinned monster! But the best part is that said youth is a total jock, who is picked on by a bunch of local nerds — as you can see in this scene. Look at the totally dorky guy completely make fun of the blond, shirtless jock! And it gets better. . . In this second, bonus scene, you get to see the Star Wars Kid video reenacted by our jocky hero, who has just discovered the laserblaster! Later he'll become green and have to battle claymation aliens, but really once you've seen one claymation alien you've seen 'em all. You've never seen this Star Wars Kid Jock dance before — never! I can only imagine that Laserblast was made by a bunch of dorks who constantly fantasized about the way the world would be if only the jocks were dying to impress them! [Laserblast via IMDB]


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