When the future is overrun by cats, feral kitty boy will inherit the Earth

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Herds of cats roam the post-apocalyptic future in the short Vermin. And nothing says "Goodbye weekend!" like two grown men pretending to be cat people. Well done. In other news, Miley Cyrus readies to haunt your dreams.


Dean Francis' short starts off in a city overrun by cats. The local exterminator discovers a feral homeless cat boy, and takes him in. Murder follows. First few minutes are NSFW, kind of.

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Good news, no one! Miley Cyrus might be getting her own YA book series movie franchise. Huzzaaaaacrap. The film will be based off the books by Lisa McMann. The series is called Wake and it's all about a girl, Miley, who can enter your dreams. Pretty excellent if you have dreams like me, which means we'll all be riding unicorns across a giant chocolate chip cookie. Sadly, in Miley's world she enters nightmares and then has to solve the mysteries behind it. Paramount Pictures and MTV Films will be making the film.


Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid

We're rather intrigued by this Max Neptune/Squid film, created by John Garside. It's being called a fun "homage to the science fiction and action serials of the 1940s and '50s," and you can tell in the trailer. They've got an eye-patchy villain, old timey rocket ships, and squids! Check it out.


Synopsis via website:

Earth has found itself in the cross hairs of a distant race of marauding space aliens! With the peace and security of the entire universe teetering on the edge of chaos, the United Planets rush their greatest leaders to an emergency summit on the Earth's Moon. They are our last great hope for intergalactic peace.

When the evil Dr. Agotch unleashes his massive mechanical space squid upon the transport carrying those leaders, an innocent city, and the Atomic Space Patrol, could this be the end? With a galaxy in danger, a city in peril, and a damsel in distress… There is only one man who can save the day...MAX NEPTUNE!


Quiet Earth pointed out this interesting flick. Sadly, it's not about io9's own evil league of evil, but the CG in Sergio Luca Loreni's film warrants a mention. The movie is set in "New Minsk" in a world where corporations are the new government. And, of course, they like to experiment on the poor folk.

La Pantera Negra

Twitch posted Iyari Huerta's Spanish scifi-noir film, and we're actually pretty taken with it. We'd love to read a translated version if anyone can tell us what's happening with the cute chap in the sombrero and the alien beam of light!

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