When the City Rose Up and Challenged Dragons

Illustration for article titled When the City Rose Up and Challenged Dragons

Cities outlast empires, but not for the reasons you might think. Some of these old places aren't just made of stone and vines. They've got bones hidden beneath their streets, and will rise up to meet a battalion head on, their arms made from towers, and faces armored by the spires of city walls.


Kekai Kotaki is an illustrator living in Seattle, where he worked for many years on Guild Wars. You can see more of his incredible work on his website.

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That Small Dark Voice

"It was a stroke of genius," my grandfather would say. "Few armies dared try to besiege it. If trade routes shifted, it could shift with them. Summers in the highlands, winters in the warmer valleys..." He'd trail off, and then, "Of course those of us in the Royal Cartographic Society hated it..."