Tonight in cult we celebrate the evil beings from the sea! Killer sushi and killer jelly fish unleash blood and destruction upon the human race. Watch out!

Dead Sushi

Hold onto your butts. It's time for another splatter flick from Noboru Iguchi, mastermind behind Mutant Girls Squad and RoboGeisha! This one is titled Dead Sushi, and is apparently about bloodthirsty pieces of sushi that take their anger out on humans! And if you watch the trailer very closely, you can see two pieces of sushi get it on!


[via Twitch Film]


Next up is the short film Hellyfish, which is gunning for a little love from all fans of ridiculous Syfy movies (basically people like you and me). Here's the basic premise:

America's only missing nuclear weapon is leaking radioactive material into the ocean just off the coast of Tybee Island, GA. The trifling existence of a hapless cast is disrupted by a vicious force of nature that shows no mercy.


Check out the trailer at Kickstarter, and if you love giant sea beasts with hilarious names support the movie!

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