When Steven Universe Future's End Begins, a Dance Party Goes Very Wrong

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Image: Cartoon Network

Funny, a sweet dance party that suddenly turns into an existential nightmare aimed directly at our worst doubts about ourselves is pretty much how we also reacted to the news “Steven Universe Future is back... but it’s ending!”


Cartoon Network has released a new clip from the first of two episodes of Steven Universe Future airing on the channel tomorrow, kicking off what is to be the final end of Steven Universe’s long, wonderful journey. The clip, from “In Dreams,” sees Steven’s sleep disrupted by peculiar dreams, as his psyche needles him with lingering doubts about who he is now that his destiny of saving the universe is fulfilled...and also dance parties with the Gems?

It’s the perfect amount of gleeful silliness and also emotional horror that you’d expect out of the show at this point—but perhaps just as vitally, it does also feature Steven and Peridot geeking out over the reboot of Camp Pining Hearts, which is just lovely.

Cartoon Network also released a few stills from the episode as well as its followup, “Bismuth Casual,” which will see Steven and the Gems take Bismuth to a local roller skating rink “for a lesson on how to forge human relationships.” Expect pratfalls and beach hunk Steven, apparently:

Oh, it’s all so adorable. Enough to almost make you forget that the show’s coming to an end! Almost.

Steven Universe Future’s final end begins tomorrow, March 6, at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.


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Onion breakdancing is already a sign of the End Times.