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When Star Trek Drives You To Drink, Everyone Wins

Illustration for article titled When Star Trek Drives You To Drink, Everyone Wins

If there is a greater way to enjoy Star Trek than accompanied by copious amounts of alcohol, then we're not sure we've found it yet - although that time that I watched a Voyager marathon while wacked out on cold medication probably comes close, I admit. So, it's not surprising that Trektinis, a podcast that mixes drinkin' and Trek watchin', is something that makes us very, very happy indeed.The irregular podcast, which started back in April, has already covered all of the movies from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek: Nemesis, offering up advice and recipes for cocktails with names like the Warp Core Breach, the Vulcan Mind Meld and the Borg Sphere (What, no "Picard Maneuver"? For shame). Hosts John and Jessie may not offer up the slickest sounding podcast out there, but where else can you find discussion of the drawbacks of cheap vodka (Dirt cheap vodka, Jessie explains, is about six bucks a bottle but "granted, you might die" as a result. Or, as John adds, your skin may change color) followed by one on the value of Brent Spiner's singing and what Klingon genitalia looks like? (Via)


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Warp Core Breach and Borg Sphere are the two giant drinks they had at Quark's at the ST Experience in Las Vegas.