When Should The New Star Trek TV Series Take Place?

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Today’s news of a new Star Trek TV show hit the world like a phaser set to stun. CBS is creating a brand new Trek show for January 2017—but what does this mean?


The Star Trek universe is so big and has been seen in so many different ways, the possibilities are almost endless. All we know officially is the new show will “introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.”

But introducing new characters doesn’t mean that old characters can’t show up. And the fact the news said this show was “not related to the upcoming feature film Star Trek Beyond” that doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t be set in the same alternate universe that J.J. Abrams created.

So, we figured that begged the question, what era (and universe) should the new Star Trek TV show be set in?

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I want to see a new series set right after the Dominion War. It’s a period that has a TON of potential for storytelling. You have the Federation and the Klingons trying to rebuild after massive losses in the war, Cardassia transitioning to a new govenment, and now the Romulans are in a great position of power, because they came in later than the others to the war effort. The Gamma Quadrant is still there but now the Dominion isn’t the power it was....or is it? Remember that the Federation never occupied the Founders homeworld. Might the Dominion still be a threat across the wormhole? On top of that you have the Bajorans dealing with the loss of their religious icon, The Emmisary and the betrayal of Kai Win. There is so much potential for this time period.

On that note, why isn’t DS9 era an option?