A new online "motion-book" is an airlock-throwing, parallel-universe-jumping, alien-chasing end-of-the-world mindfuck all wrapped into one series. The "hyperserialized" collection tells the story of Hasso Wuerslin's scifi Deadbooks one chapter at a time, with loads of creepy characters and space horror tales. Click through for a taste. The Deadbooks seem to follow a mining scout ship in the future that finds an Earth void of intelligent life. There is nothing there but the memories of a few long gone residents that possess one of the characters. He then must live the lives of these disappeared humans, hoping to right a terrible wrong. This project has been in production for eight years. The first season is 10 hours long, has about 30 actors and features over 40 tripped-out musical selections from around the world. The series premieres on the 18th of August. But for now, there are trailers on YouTube debuting this crazy photocomic with voiceovers and text. If you can look past the cheese, the actual scifi ideas behind this are pretty far out there. One chapter talks about a world that's frozen in time Lagoliers style, while others seem centered around space madness.

[Deadbooks via Wired]