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When pricing your body parts, please consult this handy infographic

Illustration for article titled When pricing your body parts, please consult this handy infographic

How much is your body worth? That depends — are you pricing the whole ensemble, or will you be selling yourself off piece-by-piece?


This infographic [click here for hi-res] is lifted from the pages of a May, 2007 issue of Esquire Magazine. The work of designer Peter Grundy, it provides the price in pounds sterling for every salable flap, fold, limb or organ on (or inside of) the human body.

"Today's scientists have rejected graverobbing in favour of human tissue recovery agencies, companies that collect and supply body parts for research," reads the original, annotated diagram.


"Since the UK's Human Tissue Act 2004 clarified the law, tissue recovery has become a lucrative and (mostly) legitimate industry, turning over millions of pounds a year."

This data visualization piece is one of over 200 projects featured in the newly published Information Graphics, by art historian Sandra Rendgen. You can read more about it over on Brain Pickings.

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I see that the uterus, cervix, and ovaries are worth nothing as they aren't even represented.....shocker. *sighs*

My worthless vagina and I will be on our merry, if penniless, way.