When Monsters Squirt

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A monster from the scifi MMO Tabula Rasa has something worth squirting about. I'm pretty sure that's poison and not whatever you were thinking. In fact, squirty monsters are a regular staple of scifi — there were even squirting dinosaurs in dino-genetic engineering thriller Jurassic Park. So cut this squrty guy some slack. Tabula Rasa monster via UGO.


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Ed Grabianowski

@braak: Oh, the Shivans? Yes, those are cool. Been around for awhile, actually. The best part is, you can acquire the ability to summon one yourself. Having a humanoid blob of radioactive goo with a skeleton inside it do your bidding is pretty kick-ass.

There's loads of sci-fi in City of Heroes, really. The main backstory of the game is based on an invasion by extra-dimensional aliens (who were recently revamped and upgraded). There's a whole time travel thing too. And some crazy cyberpunk bad guys that jack themselves with all kinds of hardcore cybernetic upgrades. Not to mention Arachnos, the main high-tech baddies.