Ever since we first heard about Nikolos Sardos' amazing Adventure Time/Batman crossover fan art, we've been pestering him to share more of it with us. Slowly, Sardos has been turning those rough sketches into awesome finished artworks — and the result is astonishing to behold.

In Sardos' artwork, Batman is really tiny, and he gets into a series of scrapes with all your favorite Adventure Time characters — except no Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn or Princess Bubblegum yet. But many of your favorite Adventure Time characters, in any case. He's posted the results over at a Tumblr called Mini-Batman's Adventure Time Adventures. Check out some of them below, including Batman's unfortunate run-in with Marceline the Vampire Queen.


The Elephant Who Bakes

Mini-Batman's Adventure Time Adventures - Part Two

Too many pies. Odd distribution patterns. Something is not right.

I swear, Batman, If you ate my fries…

Mini-Batman's Adventure Time Adventures - Part Three

Batman, why did you eat my fries?


He Does Not Want to Play Video Games

Mini-Batman's Adventure Time Adventures - Part Four

WHERE IS IT?!??!!?!!?!?


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