There is nothing funnier than watching a major corporation pander to the geeks, especially when they don't have a frakkin' clue what they're talking about. Perfect example: I present the BSG Kentucky Fried Chicken ad.

First, a special thanks to Topless Robot for their tireless reporting of KFC's hilarious attempt to incorporate Battlestar Galactica fans into their marketing. While their idea to capitalize on the minds of BSG fanatics was smart, the execution was disastrous but hilarious to watch.


First KFC busted out a "Frak Pak" add for their chicken in a bucket. Which, as you all know, means Fuck Pak. Who wants a Fuck Pak of chicken? I know I do. Our noble leader even suggested calling it a Fuck Bucket, which is even more clever .

The Frak Pak is a prize pack that included BSG DVDs, autographed scripts and a YEAR'S WORTH OF KFC, which would kill you, I'm sure. So after what I'm assuming was a battery of emails from hungry-for-chicken BSG fans, the good folks over at KFC put it together that Frak= Fuck, and changed their ad to:


So the Fuck Pak has been changed to the Fuck Sweepstakes, which I'm way more interested in.

Thank you Topless Robot for finding this, and thank you KFC for the new sexy sweepstakes.


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