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Paramount announced a summer 2011 release date for Transformers 3 earlier this week, but Michael Bay is claiming that that's based on a crappy phone connection... Awkward negotiation tactic, or something else?


After Paramount's announcement, Bay made the following post in his online forum:

Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3 - they asked me on the phone - I said yes to July 4 - but for 2012 - whoops! Not 2011!!! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots.


But does this mean that the studio's announcement was wrong...? Somehow, that seems more than a little unlikely, considering the amount of fact-checking that doubtlessly goes on before an announcement like this. So is this Bay attempting to either back out the project, or get offered enough money to make the necessity of taking a break pointless? Or have Paramount decided to go ahead and hit the 2011 date with or without Bay's involvement? The date was announced with an accompanying "Michael Bay isn't confirmed to be involved," after all... Will Transformers 3 be another X-Men: The Last Stand? For that matter, who would be a good replacement for the Baymeister, should he not return for the third movie?

Wait a minute! [Shoot for the Edit]

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