No, that's not a real monster chasing the woman in the nightgown. It's a guy in a monster suit. Who's trying to scare her to death. So her corpse can be offered up in a cannibalistic Saturnalia ritual. Wait, what?

The scene above comes from the bizarre movie Shriek Of The Mutilated — which our friend Jesse misread on the DVD box as Shrek Of The Mutilated, which would be an interesting film too. I watched the whole thing, but I'm still unclear on what actually happened. There are weird cannibal people, with face paint, and there are explorers who are going to the site of a previous expedition whose members all went mad or died — except for the expedition's organizer, who still manages to get funding, thanks to the Democrats. The whole thing culminates in a scene where the crazy professor and the savages explain that they organized the whole shebang to scare the woman in the swooshy nightgown to death — so she would die without ever having a knife cut her flesh. Okay, sure, crazy explorer guy. And it's so she'll be the perfect cannibalistic sacrifice to Saturnalia. I'm left unsure whether there was anything monstrous, paranormal or sciencey about this film, or just a bunch of weirdos in suits chasing a woman with good teeth. It's a mystery.