When crowd-funded self-published novels go off the rails

Diane Duane has written many of our favorite books, including her Star Trek novels and The Door Into Fire. But when she decided to take donations and subscriptions for a sixth book in her feline wizards series, she discovered what many other authors will probably learn in the coming years: a self-published, crowd-funded book project can easily go astray. Duane has put out a long and heartfelt apology for the long delays in completion of the novel, which "will doubtless be the strongest candidate in any possible contest for the worst-managed online novel publication project in history." As Cory Doctorow points out over at BoingBoing, these sorts of delays happen to books all the time — but with a self-published, crowd-funded, serialized book, they're much more apparent to readers. Something to bear in mind if you decide to go the crowd-funded route. [BoingBoing via Christian Science Monitor]


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