When Classic Literature Gets Updated

Move over, Pride and Prejudice And Zombies, a new updating of classic literature has come along to win your heart... Or at least make you laugh. Yes, it's Anne of Green Gables... in space.


It may be less of a moneymaker than Seth Grahame-Smith's Jane Austen undeadathon, but that doesn't stop Tom McHenry's one-off webcomic from being equally awesome an idea. As he explained, the idea came from his own evening reading:

Sara and I have been reading the original Anne novels (not my ill-fated science fiction sequels including Anne of Lavaworld and Rilla of Planetside) aloud before bed.

The strip was just one of McHenry's "Future and Space Things" themed week of comics, alongside Space Yuppies. More proof that more people should be forced to come up with science fiction when they least expect it.

A Particularly Esoteric Tomorrow [Preachertom]


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