Hot damn, it's like the first season of Being Human all over again! This show finally got back to being highly emotional and exceptionally adorable. In last night's episode, each monster's curse catches up with them, and the result is sad but also kind of awesome. Because these supernatural flatmates are a lot more fun when their worlds are crashing down on their beautiful little heads.

Spoilers below...

Lots and lots of great little moments last night. A few personal favorites include these gems: Liam's growl, "Cat" introduces herself, "dank basement wonderland," the dead girls wishing they could be "un-murdered to enabling codependent assbag," Sally's advice to "dress every moment like this is the outfit you can die in"... Honestly, I could go on. This was a well written, tight little episode. A balance of pure horror and fun.


First up, I think we're all in agreement that Erin being dead is a great thing. Who needs this character? Not me. It was the old "bringing in the baby" rule. No good can come from adding kids to television shows. So hooray — we're done with Erin and her terrible teenness. Unfortunately some of that stink has rubbed off onto Glass House Nora, but hopefully now that Aidan has basically killed himself to protect her hide, she'll be singing a new tune. That is if she can stop yelling at Aidan enough to hear his side of things.

I like Nora — really, I do — and the proposal scene is akin to "dumping treats into a cardboard box of lumpy puppies" cute. Fingers crossed that Aidan's sacrifice is enough to bring bad-ass Nora back.

The whole episode was really just a lead-up to re-infecting Josh with the werewolf curse, injecting Aidan with the vampire virus, and showing the dark side to Sally's zombie changing. Glad to see Sally's constant eating was leading up to the bigger climax of her thirst for FLESH! Her zombie pal might be feasting on cats, but we all know that will only work for so long. Also: "I'm eating cats, I have a PHD and I'm eating cats." Ha.


Bottom line: Everyone is re-screwed. And it's terrible, but also totally great, because this show has found its groove. Let this person (or team or whatever) write all the scripts forever.

Remaining Questions:

How will Aidan cure himself? Consume the bubble boy? It's an idea.

Why was Max so cool with his girlfriend being a zombie? Is he possessed by a ghost? What's up with this guy?


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