When Angels Attack: Syfy adapting Legion for TV

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We had high hopes for Legion the 2010 apocalyptic thriller pitting humans and the archangel Michael against the heavenly host, but we were sorely disappointed by the clichéd characters and mile-wide plot holes. But now it looks like we'll get a second chance to see Heaven's war on Earth with Syfy's Legion TV series.


Syfy has snapped up the B-movie, and now has a television series in development. In the original film, God has lost faith in humankind and has sent a legion of angels to destroy humanity. The archangel Michael, rebelling against his creator, makes a last stand with a group of humans in a diner. The film's director and co-writer Scott Stewart is directing and producing the pilot, and Sons of Anarchy's Vaun Wilmott has signed on to write. Hopefully, Wilmott can help make sure Legion doesn't take itself too seriously amongst its hordes of killer angels.


We've heard publishers predicting that angels are poised to be the new zombies/vampires/whatever, and maybe a Legion series is proof of that. Or maybe Syfy just wants to snag some of Supernatural's sweet, sweet fanbase.

Series Adaptation Of ‘Legion' With Feature's Director Scott Stewart In The Works At Syfy [Deadline via GeekTyrant]

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Legion is a excellent proof of what I cal the suspension of disbelief paradox: In a film with very obvious fantastical element, the suspension of disbelief is broken not by those elements but by a mundane mistake.

For example, Legion: I had no trouble buying the existence of Angels able to possess people and transform them into monsters. But a premature baby born totally healthy in the middle of nowhere without any medical help? And said baby survive a severe car accident a mere two hours later? Nope, sorry, can't believe that.

With that said, I wanna see this show. Stargate and Buffy have proven that from a mediocre movie you can get a killer show. But, wasn't the movie Push supposed to be made into a series too? What happened to that project?