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The poster says it all. We've got a trailer, too.

Here's the news about this fine flick:

THE DISCO EXORCIST, a 70's horror epic full of boogie, blood, and boobs, stars Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin, Ruth Sullivan, Brandon Luis Aponte, Rich Tretheway, Gio Castellano, and Babette Bombshell as "Bernie Munghat". THE DISCO EXORCIST was directed by Richard Griffin, produced by Ted Marr, written by Tony Nunes and photographed by Jill Poisson.

THE DISCO EXORCIST will have its world premiere at the beautiful Cable Car Cinema and Cafe in Providence Rhode Island on February 12th at 11pm. Tickets will be $9.00 at the door. Why so late you might ask? Well, THE DISCO EXORCIST is a film of a HIGHLY adult nature... and due to shocking scenes of sex, violence and nudity nobody, we mean NOBODY under 18 will be admitted into the theater!


If I were in Providence, I would be there. Those of you who can attend, I will be enjoying this movie vicariously through you - sort of the way Satan enjoys killing vicariously through his servants! Mwhahaaha!

Find out more about this bold, daring movie via Scorpio Film.