When a peeping tom impersonates your mom, it's just wrong

Poor Natalie. First she's seriously injured and left brain-dead in a car-crash. Then when her soul gets loose from her body, a gothy "Soultaker" (Joe Estevez!) impersonates her mom, and watches her take a bath. Death would be way better.

1990's Soultaker is one of those legendarily bad horror movies where everything comes together — terrible acting, horrible storytelling, inept direction and godawful hairdos. It's got the coveted "zero-percent fresh" rating over at Rotten Tomatoes, and was featured on MST3K.

But at least the film has this one creeptastic moment. Joe Estevez has been ordered by Death or the ghost of Thomas Malthus or whoever to reap the souls of Natalie and her friends, after getting them into the aforementioned car accident. But the Soultaker has the hots for Natalie, so he doesn't want to reap her soul. Instead, he just wants to follow her around in the guise of her mom, watching her sleep, asking her about her boyfriend choices in a more-than-usually-passive-aggressive way, and then spying on her while she takes her clothes off verrrrry slowwwwwly. (Being braindead would make it really hard to figure out bra straps. I get it. On the other hand, braindeath would be a huge advantage when it comes to being in Soultaker.)

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Wit, so is the girl brain dead or not? Cause she sure don't look brain-dead to me, and brain death is not a reversible condition. I'm confused.