When A Nuclear Holocaust Wrecks Civilization, It's Important To Be A Nipple Connoisseur

Three great moments from 1985's post-apocalyptic Def-Con 4: Three astronauts watch a nuclear holocaust claim the entire world. A post-apocalyptic survivalist demands to know, in great detail, about the female astronauts nipples. And a teenager whips slaves dragging a space-capsule.

You kind of have to love Def-Con 4, despite the silly title (Def-Con 4 is not when we launch nuclear missiles!) for moments like this one, where the grungy Paul Giamatti lookalike has very definite nipple preferences, even after the fall of civilization:

And this one. Check out the evil teen overlord's crazy corrugated metal vest!


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Nipple Man is the great Maury Chaykin, from EUREKA, NERO WOLFE, and DANCES WITH WOLVES.

I've been thinking about this one recently as I've been revisiting a ton of 80's horror. It's been ages since I've seen it, but I remember digging it as a teen. thanks Charlie Jane, you've sent me on yet another DVD hunt. #postapocalyptic