When a lightning storm rains down upon the Grand Canyon

Photographer Rolf Maeder recently traveled to the Grand Canyon in hopes of taking some pictures of the sunset, but an incoming lightning storm required a change of plans. This astonishing photo of multiple lightning bolts and brilliantly illuminated canyon sky is the result.

Image: Rolf Maeder. Check out his website.

Maeder writes:

On the Moran Point we noticed that far away a lightning storm was building up. That was much more than we expected, so we started setting up our tripods and started to take pictures. The shot with the 2 lightning strikes was taken 9 p.m. with a Nikon D800, 24mm lens at f/8, ISO 400 and a 25 sec. exposure. The long exposure made it possible to catch two lightning bolts with one shot!


The image was taken on August 30, 2013.

Here are larger versions:

Via Design Taxi via NBC.

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