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Wheel of Time's Rosamund Pike Feels She Was Called to Play Moiraine

I mean, she already looks unearthly.
I mean, she already looks unearthly.
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Producer Rosamund Pike is ready to take on the Dark One as Moiraine Damodred—the magical protagonist of Amazon’s Wheel of Time series—tasked with finding a hero who could save or destroy their world. In a new interview, she’s shedding light on what drew her to the character and the series, along with the year it’s hopefully set to come out


“This character calls me—for a reason, I’m sure,” Pike said. Chatting with Balance, Pike shared new details on her portrayal of Moiraine, a powerful channeler of the One Power, the mystical energy responsible for the creation of all life in the world, a power only women can wield. She described Moiraine as a “mysterious character” who arrives in a small town and takes five people “on a journey that will change them forever.”


But it’s not just a pleasant road trip. Moiraine is tasked with finding the Dragon Reborn, or one person who can defeat the evil forces plaguing their world. Moiraine has a lot riding on her shoulders but can handle it all in stride. Pike shared how much she loves playing somebody who’s calm and in control, who knows she has “tremendous power,” as opposed to more chaotic roles like the one she played in Gone Girl.

“I’ve played a lot of intelligent women who have suffered a huge amount and I wanted to do something different and explore some different things. And one thing about Moiraine, my character, is that she has tremendous calm. She’s quite enigmatic and very layered. She has many facets,” she said. “Her outward seeming thing is that she’s very calm and I thought, ‘There’s a reason this has come into my life!’”

Pike also dug further into Amazon’s approach to their Wheel of Time adaptation, sharing how it’s a fantasy grounded “in reality.” Writer Robert Jordan was inspired by his experiences in the Vietnam War to create the story and world. so Wheel of Time was his way of trying to understand what had happened. Given everything that’s going on in the world right now, his fantastical warnings may be more prescient than ever.

“Robert Jordan was a veteran of the Vietnam War and he was striving for balance—he was trying to make sense of a world torn apart. It’s all about how our actions affect the future and what responsibility one takes, in this, your life on Earth. We have these great weather patterns storming through us, that are so relevant,” she said.


In the interview, the producer and star also shared that Wheel of Time is set to come out sometime in 2021. We’ve reached out to Amazon for confirmation.


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Hmm. This Wheel of Time series sounds interesting, but I’ve got a lot of books I want to read. Maybe I can squeeze it in? They aren’t that long, right?