Whedon On Horrible Award Nomination

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We're not saying that the Emmy Awards love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, but they did create a new category so that it could be nominated. Surely this convinces creator Joss Whedon that he should give us a sequel already?


Whedon told SciFi Wire that, yes, a sequel is on the cards. Maybe the longterm cards, but still:

We're all extremely busy, but we're all really motivated. This is just ... yet another moment of going, "My God." This is the kind of thing, you know, that is, ... just the effect is snowballing. And, in a way, it makes you a little skittish. It's like, we don't want to do a Horrible that's horrible. You know? We don't want to blow it... it's like, yeah, it could be great, or it could be Arthur 2. We don't know. But at the same time, it motivates me, not only to do more, not only work in the Horrible realm, and also, just, who doesn't want to play with those guys? But just generally, I'm very anxious to do more stuff on the Internet, either with other people or just in my own small capacity. You know? Just to keep testing the models. Just to keep it fresh and keep surprising people, including myself. Because none of what has happened has surprised anyone more than it surprised me.

He also offered up a tongue-in-cheek reason why we haven't seen the sequel already:

I'd be doing it more, but Fox forgot to cancel my show... Very awkward. They looked and said, "Oh, this is our bad. We forgot to cancel your show. You're going to have to make more."

Cue "Fox is trying to stop Joss from making more Horrible" rumor in three... two... one...

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how about another serenity instead .