What's Your Scifi Blind Spot?

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Never seen an episode of Star Trek? Never read any Philip K. Dick? What's the one hallowed piece of the science fiction firmament you've never seen or heard or read? Don't be embarrassed; we've all got one. At least.


Life has a way of getting away from us. Time is fleeting at worst, elastic at best — that thing you meant to watch stays in the plastic. Or the book remains uncracked. And you can't bring yourself to listen to that time the Mothership landed.

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For me, I figured I'd begin my official tour of duty at io9 with an admission. Just so we start from a place of openness and honesty. So here it goes: I have never read Slaughterhouse-Five. Or any Kurt Vonnegut, for that matter. I know I'm missing something. Or, to be exact, a whole lot of somethings. Now, I realize that this vacuum in my geek knowledge base is worth, at the very least, a kick in the airlock, but I also realize that I'm not alone. (I've also never seen Donnie Darko. Or all of Rocky Horror. Or Bride of Frankenstein. Shhhhh.)

What's sitting comfortably in your scifi blind spot?

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I kinda feel like my blindspot is huge.

Never read: Slaughterhouse 5, any Wells, Asimov, Philip K. Dick

Never seen: BSG, Farscape, Babylon 5, Sliders, Stargate, Lost, The Fly, or LOTR.

Don't judge me.