What's Your Favorite TV Show Theme?

Image: Doctor Who

Earlier today, Star Trek: Discovery revealed its own theme song—a rare, full length one in the age of the title card stings and little else. It joins a long line of esteemed theme songs in the Trek franchise, but we thought we’d throw a question to you all: what’s your favorite TV theme of all time?

Honestly, it’s a question that leaves me paralyzed with indecision. There’s so many great ones—if we’re counting anime, I’m partial to the likes of Lupin III’s theme, or Gundam Wing, but for TV at large there’s everything from Star Trek: Voyager’s brazen brass section or the timeless, cosmic weirdness of Doctor Who’s ever-fluctuating tiles. There’s too many to choose from!

Which means I’m sure you guys will have even more suggestions in the comments section. Share your favorites with us below!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Cowboy Beebop - Tank! by the Seatbelts

Its.... not even close.