What's your favorite science fiction motorcycle?

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The greatest science fiction heroes often ride alone. There's a reason why so many great science fiction sagas have embraced the motorcycle as a form of transportation — it's got that Easy Rider badassery to it, plus it's a piece of cool customized hardware.


So what's your favorite motorcycle in all of science fiction? Please include a photo or piece of artwork!

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James Whitbrook

I've always been quite fond of the psychedelic motorbikes used by the Galbadian Army in Final Fantasy VIII (that game's totally sci-fi, it counts!).

They're basically kinda normal but crazy-coloured bikes, but what's great about them is the delivery mechanism. They're literally shot off the deck of a giant floating military university. Onto the deck of another floating military university, to go attack the students there. Why? Because Final Fantasy, that's why!

Oh, and the fact that when said Bike-volley occurs, a piece of music called The Landing - a.k.a one of the best pieces of Final Fantasy battle music of all time - kicks in, making it an even epicer moment. Skip to 0:36 in the video to see bike related shenanigans. Hell, just watch all of it, because the Battle of the Gardens is amazing.