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What's Your Favorite Local Holiday Tradition?

Illustration for article titled Whats Your Favorite Local Holiday Tradition?

Every place celebrates the holidays a little bit differently. Today, we want to know about your very favorite (and distinctive) local holiday traditions.


Maybe you want to tell us a story that's gotten a little (unfairly) overshadowed by Santa Claus, or maybe you want to show us and explain a very specific kind of decoration (like this 40-foot tall Yule Goat that they build annually in Gävle, Sweden). Is there a regional dish that you make over the holidays that you can't find anywhere else?

Tell us all about your favorite festive traditions — and just where we would go to find them — in the comments now.


Image: A 40-foot tall straw Yule Goat, built in Gävle, Sweden. / Gavle Instagram

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Apparently it's being worked to death because "we want to have a big start to next year."

Fuck, I need a new career.