What's your comfort read?

You've had a bad day, and your brain is fried. You could descend into alcohol, food, or passive-aggression, but instead you reach for the bookshelf. What's the book you read when you need something comforting?

We all know that life is nothing but a mad dash to read all the books in the world. Sometimes, though, you have to step away from the rat race, and reread certain books. There are some books I reread for information, and some I read to get a different perspective on them, but some are my comfort books. I like to read these when I'm too tired, stressed, or irritable to take in new material. Chief among them is Life, the Universe and Everything, which I think is Douglas Adams' best book. It has a nice epic sweep to it, and it's full of fun little moments that I can, by now, turn to at will to enjoy. From the Somebody Else's Problem field explanation to the long confrontation with Agrajag, there's nothing in the book that doesn't make me feel better.


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