What's Wrong With This Philip K. Dick Book Cover?

Does this really seem like it should be the book cover for The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Philip K. Dick's novel about how the U.N. forcibly drafts people into colonizing planets, and then pacifies them with brain-interfaced Perky Pat dolls and weird drugs that give you eternal life? Check out the glowing blue eyes, the desert planet, the winged ships. Could this be the cover for another famous book, that got reused by a cheapo publisher for the Dick novel?


Why yes, it is indeed the cover for Dune, re-used by Manor books in the 1970s for its edition of The Three Stigmata. This Stigmata book cover is from the collection of a lovely lady named Murilee Martin, who writes:

You can just imagine them at the publisher: "Yeah, we already paid for this art . . . what the hell, space, planets, whatever- use it!"


The funny thing is that they weren't entirely wrong. Stigmata takes place in a future where Earth has suffered such radical climate change that people can only go outside with giant air-conditioning units.

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