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What's Up With the Mysterious Denver UFO Video?

Illustration for article titled Whats Up With the Mysterious Denver UFO Video?

UFO fiends were abuzz with the news: Jeff Peckman, who has proposed a ballot initiative to create an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission" in the city of Denver, will be promoting his cause tomorrow by showing a video of what he calls an "actual living breathing alien." But the story behind this tape is as mysterious as the purported alien itself. Our sources at the Rocky Mountain News, who first broke the story, say that Peckman has a lot of peculiar rules about how the video will be shown and reported on.


Peckman refuses to let anyone save a select list of local reporters see the video. Not only that, but he won't be releasing it online, or allowing anyone to rebroadcast it. The people who get to see it (including the Rocky Mountain News folks) are only allowed to write about it — they can't even snap photos. So how will Denver voters make a good decision on the ballot measure if they have no direct access to the evidence? If Peckman is serious, he should release his video on YouTube so we can all judge for ourselves.

I want to believe, but how can I when Peckman won't let me?

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It's because you can see that the alien really is his 5 year old nephew wearing tinfoil and Martian Antenna.

Of course, if I were an alien I would rather greet humanity at say the UN or White House rather than being viewed as an intergalactic pervert with the peeping Tom-ism or shoving anal probes up various bumpkins asses.