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What's The Worst RPG/Tabletop Gaming Experience You've Ever Had?

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Playing Dungeons & Dragons or some other role-playing game with your best friends can be amazing. But play a tabletop RPG or other game with the wrong people, and things can take a very dark turn. What’s the worst RPG/tabletop experience you’ve ever suffered through?


Please mention the name of the game you were playing, who you were playing with, and the details of what made this such a horrendous experience. Thank you!

Top image: Community, “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.” Thanks to Stephanie for the idea!


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When I was 12, I had been playing D&D for a few months. I really got into world-building and wanted to be a DM. I started creating my own world, complete with multiple maps, cultures, cities (each with their own map layouts with locations of dungeons) and multiple maps of dungeons. I had created my own races, each with their own backstory.

My mother was a fundamentalist Christian. When she found out I was playing D&D she got very mad, but I ignored her and still would visit my friends and play, and I continued working on my world, writing probably a few novels worth of backstories.

Then one day I got back after spending a weekend with my friends; I found out my mother, after attending a fundamentalist revival camp earlier, was told by her pastor to take all of my material and throw it out, as it was the work of the devil. Pretty much all of my writings, drawings etc were in the dump, and that was that. I was crushed. I never forgave my mother for that.