What's The Worst Movie That Saved Your Life On A Long Airplane Flight?

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Something magical happens on a long-haul airplane flight. Sometimes the absolute worst movie is the best medicine. In that half-awake, dehydrated state somewhere over the ocean, with babies screaming and people kicking your seat, a truly terrible movie is the best distraction. What's the worst movie you've ever loved on an airplane?


Please include a picture, poster, clip, trailer or other representation for the movie that had unexpected charms when you were at 20,000 feet. And please mention the title, and why it was suddenly the best thing ever when you were zonked out on a plane. Thanks!

Top image: Elektra. Daredevil's ninja friend did not exactly get a great outing in this movie starring Jennifer Garner, but when you're catatonic and just gripping your armrest in the middle of nowhere, it's kind of magical.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I never read the book, thought the premise and especially the title was asinine, never been a big fan of CGI animation.

Had very little choice on a flight to Bali. Decided I could fall asleep to it.

Watched it twice, had Amazon send me a copy the first moment I had internet access.