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What's The Watchmen Scribe's Next Magical-Realist Film About?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Watchmen Scribes Next Magical-Realist Film About?

We caught up with Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter, and prodded him for details on his next project. Turns out Hayter wants to direct a work of "magical realism."


We asked Hayter what he had coming up in the future...

"I'm working on a film right now called Lost Planet for Warner Brothers. It's a video game adaptation. And I've got a film that I've got set up to direct that I can't talk about."


Is it in your scifi wheelhouse?

"Ummm some fantasy, yeah. Everything I do is sort of fantasy. Magical realism, I'm a big fan of Terry Gilliam, so if I could follow in his footsteps, I'd be very happy."

So what could it be? Hayter's directing rumors have been pretty quiet, ever since the rumors of him directing Black Widow got crushed a few years ago. What about Crystal Lake's Werewolf... that's kind of magical realism, no? Oh and don't get too excited, since we've heard he's not directing Metal Gear Solid, because as of right now, they're still merely in talks, according to Collider.

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Hayter should arrange a meet between Kojima and Snyder...