What's The Ultimate Television Starship Crew Dream Team?

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Every television starship crew has its winners and losers. But imagine if you could put together the best of the best, into an interstellar dream team. Who would populate your fantasy television starship bridge?


Image via Andy Rondeau

You can pick from any genre show, past or present. Adama as your captain? Kaylee as your engineer? Worf as your security officer? Helmsman? First officer? Navigator? Chief Medical Officer?


Who would be your picks? Please include pictures, video and links! Also, we'd love to know why you picked the ones you did.

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Cubone Libre

Captain: Benjamin Sisko

First Officer: Zoe Washburne

Operations: Data

Helm: Hoban Washburn

Tactical: Worf

Chief of Security: Jayne Cobb

Chief Medical Officer: Voyager's EMH

Science Officer: Spock

Counselor: Ezri Dax

Chief Engineer: Galen Tyrol

Engineering techs: Miles O'Brien, Callie Henderson, Kaylee Fry

Pilots: Lee Adama and Tom Paris (good luck telling them apart)

Cargo manager and transportation specialist: Philip J. Fry