What's the shortest time it took for you to fall in love with a TV show?

Over in the comments on our post about how to tell from a pilot whether you're going to like a TV show, Michael_GR has a great question:

What's the shortest time it took for you to like a show?

I think it took me all of ten minutes to like Battlestar Galactica. The specific scene was the one where they explained that the computers on the Galactica were not networked and I thought "Hey, that's not the stupid campy show I was expecting - I might like his one". Then Starbuck showed up and her interaction with Adama (What do you hear? - nothing but the rain) made me instantly connect with the characters. I was hooked from then on.

I had a similar infatuation with the sadly canceled Middleman — that was even shorter, five minutes in and I knew I was going to dig the hell outta that show.


So what's your answer?

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