What's the right mix of science and fiction in science fiction?

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Parsing out just the right ratio of science to fiction in science fiction is a long-standing question, with no easy answer. Here's how the Adult Swim animated show Rick and Morty deals with that conundrum.


Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, stopped in for a Q&A today where he answered this question about the role of real-world science:



Do you base your science on actual science? Do you research it?

Justin Roiland

We do very little research. We're more focused on telling a very clear and enjoyable narrative that is always one step ahead of the audience. We definitely dive into science and scifi as the breeding ground for episode concepts, and we often lean on science based concepts or ideas for Rick's gadgets. I'd like to think we handle it (for the most part) the same way Star Trek did. The devices aren't explained but they seem like maybe they could be possible in the distant future. (haha: "for the most part" yeah right! who am I kidding?!)

Tell us what you think — and shout out your favorite examples of science in science fiction — in the comments now.

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"Sometimes science is more art than science, y'know what I mean, Morty?"