What's The Most Unfair Backlash Against Something That Got Too Popular?

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It never fails: If everybody loves something too much, then we all start to get sick of hearing about it. And all too soon, love turns to hate. Any time something is too beloved, there's going to be a backlash. But what was the most unfair backlash against a science fiction or fantasy property?


Please include a picture, poster, book cover, comics panel, piece of artwork or clip for your chosen property. And please mention the name, why you still love whatever it is, and why the backlash was unfair. Thanks!

Top image: Avatar. We knew long before this movie opened that it was going to be borrowing a lot of story elements from other films, including Dances With Wolves. And we knew it was going to have a "white guy savior" storyline from the get-go. But we still loved it anyway, for the visuals and the incredible dragon-on-flying-tank action. But after everybody saw Avatar 100 times, they kind of got over it. And now, it's apparently not cool to love this movie. Which we still do, in spite of its flaws.

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It's a harmless little show I can watch with my Mom that helps us connect about modern technology and science. Every time I read something about the show on io9, I end up knashing my teeth as I see the other side of it while resenting a show that used to be kind of fun. Does it have its problems, sure, can Jim Parsons be somewhat an unsufferable grandmother, absolutely, but what show doesn't have its problems?