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What's the most ridiculous part of this Justice League: War clip?

Is it when Batman starts questioning the alien-demon-thing about why he was at the docks, as if that's the important aspecy of an alien-demon-thing running around, or is that somewhere in the DC universe someone thought of, constructed and paid for a large sign that only said "FOOD"? I'm genuinely asking.


Justice League: War hits home video on February 4th.

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The FOOD sign I could let slide. There's always a chance there were other words on either side of it that we just didn't get to see.

What got me was Hal's reaction to seeing Bruce. The man is from an elite group of space police gathered from every corner of the universe, was just in a fight with an alien/mutant thing which he ended by ramming a freight train of green light into him.

All that and his reaction to seeing Batman is to say, "You're real!?" with the kind of tone you'd expect if he were a little kid and walked in on the Easter Bunny filming a sex tape of Santa and the Tooth Fairy.