What's the most pointless self-sacrifice of all time?

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Sometimes, a hero has to give his or her life for a greater cause. And sometimes, a hero's sacrifice is utterly pointless and in vain. What's the most utterly pointless self-sacrifice of all time?


Please include a picture or clip of this needless moment of self-abnegation. And let us know the title of the movie, book, comic or TV show in question, and why it was so pointless. Thanks!

Top image: The Man of Steel, Jonathan "Pa" Kent saving a dog.

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Charlie Jane Anders

I'm going to say Obi-Wan Kenobi, because I was just rewatching Hardware Wars, and the funniest, most spot-on moment is where Oggie Ben Doggie tells them, "Nah, you guys go on without me," and they're all like "Martyr!". Obi-Wan goes into a trap for no good reason that I can see, and instead of just trying to distract Vader long enough to escape, lets Vader kill him so he can become a Force ghost and advise Luke as a disembodied ghost. He claims he'll become more powerful than ever if he's struck down, but that seems to have been a miscalculation, since he never does anything afterwards that he couldn't have accomplished when he was alive and had access to a radio.

Image via McNealy.