What's The Most Amazing Comeback From A Series Everyone Had Written Off?

Did you ever think we’d be talking about the new Mad Max and Jurassic movies as two of the summer’s most important releases? Sometimes, a series can be all but forgotten for years or decades, after too many underwhelming sequels. But which series made the most amazing comeback?

Please include a book cover, movie poster, clip, trailer, piece of artwork, comics panel or other visual representation of your chosen series. And please mention the name of the series, why everybody had written it off years ago, and how it bounced back. Thanks!


Top image: Doctor Who. After the slow slide into irrelevance in the 1980s, followed by that 1996 TV movie, most people thought it was over for good. (Save for the books and audios, of course.) But now, it's spent the past decade being more popular and influential than ever.

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