What's the most adorable creature in all of fiction?

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Nibbler. Pikachu. The Adipose. This Futurama alien, Pokémon, and sentient fat-thing from Doctor Who are just three of the many, many hyper-cute character that lurk in movies, TV shows, anime and more. But what's your pick for the emperor of adorability?


As an MST3K fan, I have to choose NummyMuffinCoocolButter, if only because the evil scientist Dr. Forrester created it to be the cutest creature in the universe, effectively enslaving everyone who saw it by compelling them to ignore everything else in order to properly fawn over it. This w would allow Forrester to take over the worl, but of course, Forrester himself fell for NummyMuffinCoocolButter's pink, fuzzy charms first. The Earth was again saved — but not before TV's Frank graced us with this haunting song:

Give us your picks in the comments, and make sure you include pics, of course. How else are we going to judge the cutest of all?