What's The Greatest TV Show That Everybody Looked Down On At First?

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Sometimes, it's hard to tell in advance which TV show is going to rock, and which will flounder. Earlier today, Mweyer pointed out that a lot of people were pretty negative about the excellent Sleepy Hollow. But what's the best TV show that got bad early buzz, or predictions of doom?


Please include a picture, poster or clip for your chosen TV show. And please mention the name, and why it turned out to rock after all. Thanks!

Top image: Sleepy Hollow. Can't wait for this show to return and keep proving the doubters wrong.

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A low-budget midseason replacement show on the shitty WB network starring nobody you know except maybe that guy from the British version of those will-they-or-won't-they coffee commercials, based on a below-average movie that was mildly amusing at its BEST, and written/created by the guy who's best known for doing script polishes on Speed, Waterworld and Toy Story.

Everybody had this pegged as something that'd be dead in six episodes and forgotten as a weird footnote right next to that NBC Ferris Bueller series.