Science fiction and fantasy are all about imagining other worlds and offering other ways of seeing our own reality. But they also offer a huge, beautiful dose of wonder and amazement. What’s the greatest sense of wonder you’ve ever experienced, and where did it come from?

Please include a picture, clip, piece of artwork, poster, book cover, comics panel, or some other visual representation of the thing that caused you to feel a sense of wonder. And please let us know what book, movie, TV show, comic, natural phenomenon, scientific discovery or other item was the occasion for that incredible feeling. Thanks!

Top image: Superman: The Movie. You know, Superman, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and 2001 all provoked similar feelings when I saw them around the same time at the rep theater near the campus where my parents taught. Just the feeling of vastness, of possibility, and of the human form being lifted up by something great and amazing. The sense that we had potential far beyond what we suspected, and we could touch phenomena that were huge, and ancient, beyond our ability to comprehrend. Even if some of those things now seem cheesy (Superman) or clunky (Star Trek: TMP) in retrospect. They were still great at the time.

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