What's The Greatest Fictional Game Ever?

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Fictional characters have given us plenty to be envious of: They travel to places we can't, and do things we never could. But one of the things we're most jealous of is all those amazing games we'll never get to play. Today we want to know what fictional game you most wish was real.

Tell us in the comments what the game is, where it's from, and what makes it so great. Be sure to also include what barriers stand in the way of making it a reality. Maybe the tools to play simply don't exist in the real world (where is my broomstick hover board, science?), or maybe the mechanics are simply too vague to come up with a standard version. Whatever it is, tell us all about it now.

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I was JUST thinking about this yesterday.

BLITZBALL. Blitzball has always been one of my favorites. And I still don't know if these dudes can just hold their breath for a really long time or if the water is made of something you can breathe in, or maybe all these dudes just have gills (not gils haha). Either way, that's a bad ass game.