What's The Game In Ender's Game?

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Chair Entertainment Group announced that they'll be developing a series of games based on Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game. However, it's not clear if they're developing the games from the novel, or if they'll try to tell the story of the novel in video game fashion.


We know for sure the first game will be based on one of the games that Ender plays during his training, but the company wants to turn this into a series, and eventually they're going to have to tell some sort of a story. Of course, in the book, the game is literally everything.

In the novel, Ender Wiggin is selected at the age of six to attend the Battle School, which the military uses with the hopes that they'll one day train a great military leader who will lead the fight against the "Buggers," an insect-like race that is at war with the humans. They do this by teaching via video games and simulations, and without spoiling things, those become extremely important. Games range from simulations computers, to what amounts to zero-gravity versions of Laser Tag.


Warners is developing the movie with Wolfgang Peterson at the helm, but they abandoned work on the game that usually accompanies every big scifi film these days. Does that mean they couldn't crack the idea and decided to leave it up to someone else? If you've read the book, you'd probably say yes.

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I just finally started reading this last week and as I was read it (haven't finished) I kept saying this is great, would be a great movie, but totally unfilmable because it would be all children in adult situations. So I said, it would probably be doable as a video game... and there you have it.