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More Star Wars concept art sheds light on another possible character. A producer explains how Ben Affleck's Batman differs from all the rest. J. Michael Straczynski promises to change the face of television with Sense8. And another Gotham Easter egg is revealed! Spoilers now!

Top image: Walking Dead

Star Wars

Welcome back to the land of concept art-based rumors. Making Star Wars has another description, this one of a figure on a white background, so no hint as to where it could end up. Here's the description of the full body:

The figure's face is almost like General Grievous in spirit. White, skeletal, black eye sockets with little pin points or eyes. The mouth is almost like Jerry Lewis style buck teeth. Is it an apparatus? But make no mistake, he's scary! The face is totally white but its face looks like a mask, but it appears to be its skin, as its hands are the same color. The head is almost pointed but where a hair line would begin, there's pointy wicker like brambles sticking straight up. The face is almost as if Satan made an army of Shy Guys from Super Mario Brothers and outfitted them with riffles.

He wears a dirty brown poncho. His boots are sort of like a Tusken Raider's boots. His pants are tied off. He has a bandolier with bullets and pouches strung across his chest. He has a sniper riffle weapon with a scope on it. At the end of the rifle, the barrel is almost rocket shaped. It clearly isn't a rocket though. At his waste a leather pouch rest covering his belt line.


And the close up of the face:

The second image is a close up of the character's face. It appears as if this image is elaborating on what the first image sketched out. It is white. His eyes seem pitch black and reflective. The nose is almost human but has no holes. Instead there are two holes on side of the nose, actually on the face from which the creature breaths. It almost reminds me of Jason's hockey mask in Friday the 13th. The mouth piece is a breathing apparatus in this version. It is some kind of tech. The creature opens its mouth over the device, it probably needs it to breath on the planet. You can see the bullets over his should, bandolier style and the rifle slug over his shoulder. He has a tie that goes over the top of his head and fastens to the point on his head, perhaps to keep the brambles in tact. He seems to have a scarf around his neck in this depiction.


This could be part of a fight filmed at Puzzlewood, but the rumors said the Rockers were small creatures. The other possibility is that Jungle Troopers take them out with flame throwers, with sources saying that the inhabitants of the jungle are "huge." [Making Star Wars]

Batman v. Superman

Producer Charles Roven said that Ben Affleck was always the first choice for the new Batman:

He was the first guy we went to. That's who we wanted. We knew that we wanted a very mature Batman, because we wanted to juxtapose him with this very young Superman. So we wanted a guy who was tougher, rugged, who had signs of life, who had lived a hard life, and we wanted the guy to have chops, for sure. So when we went down that list, there just weren't a tremendous number of guys who could carry that.

.. We also wanted a guy with big stature. Ben is 6' 4". Henry [Cavill] is 6'1". We wanted Batman to tower over Superman. Not hugely, not like a basketball player. Superman needed to 'look up' to Batman. We wanted that dynamic, and Ben could do that, easily.


As for how Affleck's character is looking so far, Roven said he's "social animal in the Bruce Wayne incarnation, but he's also an extremely rough guy in the Batman incarnation — very, very, very rough." He also explained that Christopher Nolan, while very busy with Interstellar, is still a producer on Batman v. Superman and has an "advisory" role. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 2

Of the script for the sequel, all Tommy Wirkola is only willing to say that the plot involves voodoo. [Crave Online]


Doctor Strange

I'm pretty sure, based on this quote, that you can cross Keanu Reeves off the list of possible Doctor Stranges:

From a practical standpoint the idea of a longtime contract is sort of "errr" because you want to make sure the material is up to a certain level. Like the good or great level. I like the idea. I go to those kinds of movies. I grew up on them and comics and graphic novels. [But] I didn't know Doctor Strange as a character, I didn't read that as a kid. I'm gonna have to read it. I remember reading something… who's going to play Doctor Strange? Would I be good for the role?


See the rest of the interview at the link. [Collider]

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman tried to say that Gareth was dead, was unconvincing, and reiterated that there's every chance that the group will encounter worse people:

There have been some dream sequences that reveal the past, and a couple of snippets here and there that show things, but I use them as sparingly as possible in the comics. I think there's only been like three in the 132 issues that are now out. We do it a little bit more in the show. It's a lot of fun. I mean, again, it adds so much depth. You know so much more about Gareth and all of those people because of those two very minor scenes.

But because we did not see Gareth die, we see him clearly shot in the shoulder region…

He looked dead to me.

Didn't look dead to me!

I certainly would not expect to see that guy ever again.

Yeah, especially considering we saw scenes of him in the trailer you guys put out that we did not see in that episode. [Laughs]

Why are you spoiling the fun, Dalton? That's not how you do things. You're supposed to forget that trailer the minute you start watching the show!

Well, I think a lot of people do want to see more from that character.

It just goes to illustrate the kind of people that you encounter now. This world has been around for a while, and we've seen Rick and how he's survived, and what he's had to do to survive. And now every single person you meet on the road and in your journey, you have to think, "How are they here? What did they do to get here?" And Gareth is a great example of somebody who has done some terrible things that have changed him, that have brought him to a place that has made him very dangerous. And we see those things. But as they're now out of the boxcar and on the road again, it's entirely possible that they might encounter more people that could be just as threatening. Or way worse.


Kirkman wrote episode two of this season, and he says that there will be an "iconic" location from the comics in it. He also hinted that there "may" be more new characters. Morgan is also going to be a major part of the season with "a question as to whether he'll meet up with them, or when he'll meet up with them, but we've got a lot of big plans for the character of Morgan, so stay tuned." [Entertainment Weekly]


J. Michael Straczynski is extremely confident that Sense8 will be every bit as groundbreaking as Babylon 5, writing:

And now that we're about a month from the end of shooting on season one of Sense8, with vast amounts of the footage now in hand, I'm sufficiently confident with what we're doing to make another promise.

Sense8 is going to debut on Netflix in 2015. And it is going to change the way you see television, in terms of production values, storytelling, scope, scale, and action. All of it.

We are going to tell a story on a planetary scale. No cheats. In ways no one else has ever done before.

We are going to treat subjects that most TV series, and pretty much all SF series have avoided.

We are going to present visuals and action in ways that you have simply never, ever seen before. Anywhere.

In 2015 we are going to blow the doors off the television business.

Count on it.

Read the whole thing at the link. [Straczynski on Facebook via Spinoff Online]

Guardians of the Galaxy

We already saw the test footage for the animated show, and now here's some keyart. [Entertainment Weekly]



In an interview with IGN, Sean Pertwee teased that there's a Tommy Elliot Easter Egg and executive producer Danny Cannon said that we'll be hearing soon about casting for Leslie Thompkins soon. [IGN]


Fox has officially ordered a full 22-episode season of the show. [Los Angeles Times]

Once Upon a Time

Elizabeth Mitchell says that the Snow Queen's motivated by a "very honorable, true thing" that will be different from what we expect. She also said that her relationship with Emma isn't as negative as Emma might think:

I know that everyone thinks it might be negative, so Emma must think that. I can say it's surprising, but I can't really [say much] because it's so much a part of the whole thing. It's one of those ones where it's definitely worth keeping an eye on, and it does mean a lot to both of them—which is fun because I like spending time with Jennifer. She's awesome. It's important, and it's big, and it has a lot to do with the mythology of things, which I love.


She also warned against trusting the Snow Queen, both in what she's said to Elsa in the present and in the flashbacks. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a description of episode 4.04, "The Apprentice":


"The Apprentice" – After Emma asks Hook out on a real first date, Hook visits Mr. Gold and asks for his hand to be reattached so that he can embrace her with both hands. But magic always comes with a price. Henry and Mary Margaret try to offer hope to Regina when she becomes frustrated over not being able to find a cure to save a frozen Marian, and Will Scarlet attempts to break into the Storybrooke library to find a special book. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Rumplestiltskin is after a magical box that the Sorcerer's apprentice is guarding, and he may use Elsa's sister Anna to help him get it, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Once Upon a Time" stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O'Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry, Michael Socha as Will Scarlet and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Guest starring are Georgina Haig as Elsa, Elizabeth Lail as Anna, Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff, Timothy Webber as The Apprentice, Brad Dourif as Zoso, Catherine Bogdanova as spaghetti lady, Garry Garneau as spaghetti man, Emanuel Fappas as bartender and Elizabeth Mitchell as Snow Queen.

"The Apprentice" was written by Andrew Chambliss & Dana Horgan and directed by Ralph Hemecker.


[K Site TV]

And here's a preview for the same episode. [via K Site TV]

Sleepy Hollow

John Noble explained how Henry is different this season:

But in a sense, he got his first wish, which was to take revenge on his parents. And that was the [season one] finale, and that was a really powerful ending. So we had to reboot. And in this season, he's the servant of Moloch, because it was Moloch that rescued him. Now he's going through the motions of [carrying out] Moloch's plans to manifest on Earth. So he sits back like a puppet master, and he operates by pulling the strings around the town, creating havoc very quietly. There's all a master plan to this, by the way. He sits back and he watches it all collapse. So it's very interesting—it's a master manipulator role in the first half of season two. And it has a really extraordinary ending, which I can't talk about at the end of the first half of the season. So that could then lead us to another reboot, into another iteration of the character, I imagine. I don't know yet.


[Entertainment Weekly]

At the link is a video on Sheriff Reyes. [TV Line]

American Horror Story

FX has renewed the show for a fifth season. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Messengers

The CW's show about five strangers who gain powers after a mysterious object falls to Earth has added Jamie Bamber as the recurring character Vincent Plowman, "the unapologetically aggressive co-chairman of Plowman Family Farms, one of the world's most successful agricultural companies. Along with his older brother Mark, he is the face of a business on the cutting edge of new farming technology that has the potential of eliminating draught and famine worldwide. But in the end, Vincent's favored son status may uproot his ambitious plans in more ways than one."


His brother, Mark Plowman — "a quiet, salt of the earth type of man you'd expect to find walking the fields, not sitting in the boardroom of a powerful farming business. But as a family man, his heart is usually in the right place—especially when it comes to pioneering new ways to feed the world. But the shadow cast by his charismatic and outgoing younger brother has planted some deep resentment along the way that may destroy a lot more than the next harvest." — will be played by Riley Smith. [Entertainment Weekly]


Here's concept art for the new Daredevil TV show, by Joe Quesada. [Marvel]



Episode 3.09 will be called "The Climb." [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who

Here are two promos for Saturday's "Flatline." [Blogtor Who, Blogtor Who]

Here are photos from "Flatline." [SpoilerTV]


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